Session 04: Dark Holes

The Stranger.© Knut Skjærven


Task Description: 

I have been looking at this image many, many times. Something strange happens when I look at it. It is like most of it disappears and all my energy is concentrated on the visual link between the young girl and the old man. Like a dark hole that drags all the surrounding informtion into it ands makes it vanish.

I did not have a name for this effect and so I invented on one. I call it visual implosion. Of even dark hole visuals.

Implosion is the opposite of explosion. Explosions widen, implosions narrow down. That was what this image did: it narrowed down the content of it.

He was quite a sight, I admit. I could not figure out if he was a vagabond or simply an odd looking fellow. He was dark in the face as if he had been living under open air for a long time. His beard and hair was thin and untidy. He was a foreigner in the city. He was a stanger in the train and yet on his way from somewhere to somewhere else. I can understand why the girl was paralyzed. Everybody would have been.

I had another look. Many other looks. I realized that I could crop this image any way I wanted. I did not matter because the link between the two was the only thing that mattered . The concentration in the stares contained such an energy that the rest seemed to disappear.. The larger parts of the image became the the context in which the real action happened.

Measuring eye movements, in this picture, would probably have shown this.  Visual lapses to the context of the frame, but the larger part of the energy would have been around the two heads facing each other  in the stare.

Here is your task:

Here is the task then: You need to picture an implosion. You need to find a theme that is so strong that it works as a dark hole dragging the rest of the visual content into it and make it vanish.

When you have done so you should load it to the internet and link to the picture from a comment to this post. This is session 04.

If you take more pictures link to them all. If you are in luck people will see them and even comment on them.

Suggestion:  My suggestion if that you simply memorize this visual concept so that you are ready for it when it turns up in front of your camera. It will. And you have to be ready to recognize dark holes or visual implosions when they appear.

Good luck with it.

Copenhagen, August 11, 2012.
© Knut Skjærven. All rights reserved. Text and picture.


This is the sixth session posted. If you are keen to play along take a photo based on the brief above, post it to the internet and let your friends comment on your effort. Link to your photo from a comment to this session so that we all can find it and appreciate it.

Have a very good day.


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