Session 08: Tandem Tantes

Tandem Tantes. © Knut Skjærven.

Session o8: Tandem Tantes

Task Description: 

Here is an easy session that trains your photographic vision well.

Look for things that are similar.  Like the two woman in the photo above.

I call the concept tandem tantes because “tante” is Scandinavian word for “aunt”. And I enjoy the rime. The important thing is not, by the way, the tantes but the tandem. An object that comes in two or even more numbers.  Like on a tandem bike. I am sure that you have seen them.

What could be similar? What could be tandem?

Almost everything that you can think of can be tandem. Here are a few examples: I thin man who looks like a pole; a big woman who looks like a boat; an object that have the same colour or the same shape as another; a background that tandems a foreground;  a foreground that tandems a background; a mother and a child who looks looks alike. You name it.

Look at the two women in the picture: Same body structure, same bodily position, same movement with their right hands, almost the same position with there left hands, as well. I did not ask them to pose like this. In the same situation they acted alike. Tending to the food in their little kiosk at the harbor. My guess is that they mother and daughter. I did not ask them. Look at the way they have their hair. Look at their faces.

They now get to name this concept.

Here is your task: The task is very simply: While you are out there look for tandem tantes to picture. It does not have to real tantes. I am sure that you have got the idea. Look for things that are similar and similar enough to create a compelling photograph.

When you have taken such a shot you could post it to the internet and link to your picture as a comment to this session. Session 08.

Suggestion:  My suggestion if that you simply memorize this visual concept so that you are ready for it when it turns up in front of your camera. It will. And you have to be ready to recognize tandem tanteswhen they pop up in front of your camera.

Good luck with it.

Copenhagen, August 8, 2012.
© Knut Skjærven. All rights reserved. Text and picture.


This is the fifth session posted. If you are keen to play along take a photo based on the brief above, post is to the internet and let your friends comment on your effort. Link to your photo from a comment to this session so that we all can find it and appreciate it.

Have a very good day.


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