Session 10: Solid Statement

Solid Statement.© Knut Skjærven

Session 10: Solid Statement

Task Description:

Whatever we do there is always a little of ourselves in it. We make statements even when we think that we are not making them.

So also in photography and in street photograph. Perhaps even more so in street photography, because the opportunities are endless and choices have to be made as to what to do and how to do it. When to do it.

I have titled the image above Solid Statement, and not only for obvious visual reasons, but because to me this is also a statement about street photography.  This simple image expressed what street photography is, and, in my humble opinion, what it ought to be. I mean this: This situation was never there to be taken and was never meant to be, I am sure. But now that it is, it adds a dimension to reality by combining two elements foreign to each other: The solid lady being the center of attentions of the passing three, who gives her all of their attention. From right in front of her eyes. Are they mocking her or giving her an invitation to fly German Wings. We will never know other than that the questions are there.

What we do know is that this picture, as so many others, are carried by a strong relation that is inside the picture. Not outside it, not to be guessed or to be calculated, but there to be seen in front of  our very eyes.

It is done with a sence of humour, which always, works better.

Street photography is, and should be, a far cry from blunt street documentation, which was never the issue for street proper photography. In one way or another, the street photographer’s task is to add to what is there. To make a creative intercept. That is the rationale of street photography.

Here is the task:

Yes, here is the task: Go out and do likewise. Not as a copy of this image but by executing the conceptual framework given in this task (as in all the other sessions).

To be very specific in this brief: Go out and take a picture that was never meant to be. You do that by combining two sets of objects (which in both cases have to include people) and add to reality by that new combination.

Add a dash of humour as in Solid Statement.

When you have done so you post your image to the internet where it can be reached by others. Done that then you link to your image from a comments to this post. For all to see and appreciate and comment upon.


Again, what is importent if that you simply memorize this visual concept so that you are ready for it when it turns up in front of your camera. And it will. You have to be a ready to recognize it when it does.

Good luck with it.
Copenhagen, August 7, 2012.
© Knut Skjærven. All rights reserved. Text and picture.



This is the fourth session posted. If you are keen to play along take a photo based on the brief above, post is to the internet and let your friends comment on your effort. Link to your photo from a comment to this session so that we all can find it and appreciate it.

Have a very good day.



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