Session 03: Sweet Music

Sweet Music. © Knut Skjærven.

Session o3: Sweet Music

Task Description: 

Here is another one that you may want to try. The picture above consists, roughly, of two separate sections. You have the group of musicians playing, and you have the elderly couple trying to communicate with each other in the load music. She has to shout to her husband to make him hear.

But there is a lot more happening in this shot. The two sections, or for that matter, groups, are bound together by  a) visual lines and b) by virtual lines.

The visual lines are active through the body language of the musicians as it is directed towards the elderly couple. The virtual lines are directed back from the elderly couple as they have to shout to each other to be able to hear themselves because of the music.

Here is your task: Try to recognize a similar structure when you are out there looking for good scenes to picture. They are all there and your task is simply to recognize them when they come along. And to take the picture when it is due.

When you have done so and are satisfied with the result, load the image to your own site (I am sure you have one) and simply link to it from a comment you make to this session. If you are lucky, others will enjoy your picture and comment on it.

Suggestion:  Again. The suggestion is that you simply memorize this visual concept so you are ready for it when it turns up.  It will. You have to be a ready for it when it does.

Good luck with it.

The main point is that there are not many things that you can do as a photographer that real life hasn’t done and prepared for you long time ago. Your main ambition should be to learn to see, not to learn to use a camera. In this way, the core of photography lies outside photography.


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