Session 09: On A Rainy Day

On A Rainy Day. © Knut Skjærven


Session o9: On A Rainy Day.

Task Description: 

The human mind tends to group visual objects. It is faster to grasp and understand things that way.

Also, by neutralizing the background or the context viewers are allowed to concentrate on the main objects, which in this picture consists of two groups. First you have a human group of two people under the umbrella at the right hand side of the picture. Then you have a group of two ducks in the left hand side of the picture. The bird group is less intimate than the human group.

Groups are often being formed based on objects close to each other. Or by visual similarity.

Here is your task: Please take a photograph that a) have a neutral background or context; b) consists of two groups at least one of which is of people; c) have a distinct visual separation between the two groups within the photographic frame.

When you have taken such a shot you should post it to the internet and link to your picture as a comment to this session.

Suggestion:  My suggestion if that you simply memorize this visual concept so that you are ready for it when it turns up in front of your camera. It will. And you have to be a ready to recognize it when it does.

Good luck with it.


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