Today Is The Day (Lovely Rita)

Lovely Rita.© Knut Skjærven.

When you start a project this size and ambitions it is very much a trial and error process you are getting into. I have had to go back and work things over a couple of times.

One of the mistakes I made was that this site grew much too big. I have made it considerably smaller over the last week. I have simply deleted pages, posts and links. Some of them I have only made private. Others will be reintroduced along the way.

No, the toolbox is not a finished project, it is a project in the making. There is, however, enough material to have the beginning begin. Yes, there will be plenty more sessions, more information and more pictures dealing with Itching Images. And other stuff as well.

And no, street photography is not the same as documentary photography. Is has to do with linking the world anew. It has to do with telling new stories. To create new visions.

I don’t think that street photography, or photography at all, only has only to do with cameras and pictures. It has also to do with planning and learning to use your personal, creative resources. I will sneak in briefs on such competences during the sessions. You will see.

Later on the will be special sections on both creativity and (photographic) project handling.

First and foremost I made a shift in strategy. From wanting to have everything ready before making the site public, I have decided to develop as we go. Because it is WE who go. It is not I who go. Without people taking an interest this toolbox will not work at all.

The philosophy behind Street Photographer’s Toolbox is that everybody can improve no matter how good they are. There are no particular school you can go to if you want to be a street photographer. If you want to learn you are basically on your own.

The good thing is that there are some very good street photographers around. You can meet them in books and in galleries. Some of them you can even meet live.

We have plenty of useful information on how visual communication works too. These are the research resources. Photography is visual communication so the proper resources are very useful for photography.

It is in the intersection of practice (photography) and resources (research) that this toolbox resides.

It is going to be very practical. You don’t have to read a lot. In fact, you hardly have to read at all. The reading is there for those who want it. The internet is right behind so you can explore as much as you like.

The progress into the intersection mentioned is all going to be handled in the session. The sessions are what you are asked to do when you have decided to follow Street Photographer’s Toolbox. The knowledge will unfold from the session. When you come out on the other side you will have much more information about some very good photographers, visual communication in photography, project handling and creative procedures than you in your life thought you would ever get.

But, please remember that nothing comes from nothing so you need to work at it to get there. The toolbox is not going to build anything by itself. Toolboxes seldom do.

I have been lucky to have two volunteers to do the drilling with me. Welcome to Stefanie LePape from New York, USA and Elisabeth Maurice, Paris, France. That drilling will start very soon.

If you want to follow the drill project, you should subscribe to it this blog. You can do that from the blogroll.

Good luck.

Copenhagen, August 29, 2012.

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