Elisabeth Maurice: My Choices

© Elisabeth Maurice 2012.

Elisabeth Maurice is the first to state her vision, indicate her inspirational mentor and point to a couple of images as examples of photographs she really enjoys. She has stated this as comments to the initial post on vision, which you find here.

For navigational reasons I have pasted relevant parts of Elisabeth’s comments to this post.

My Vision

I think my global vision would be something like capturing life instants around me. There is a movie called Called Smoke where the main characters, Auggie (Harvey Keitel), takes one picture of people passing by his café every morning at the same hour. That is just wonderful. imagine the result over time. Just like you wrote your project on Berlin is still going on. So I think for me it would be something like that. Capture life around me, happiness, sadness, funiness, odd things, people in situations that captivate me. That seems to very self-centered but I would like to consider it as a kind of journal to what I see around me.

My Mentor

I would say I’m really classic in tastes. I will Pick-up Willy Ronis and HCB :-) )).
It’s pretty difficult to choose just one or two photographs of them only. I start with Willie Ronis here are those I would pick-up.

My Favourites

Le petit Parisien – 1952 – Crédit Photo: © Willy Ronis – http://img.imageloop.com/slideshow/62c23598-b2e1-1e5e-94e3-0015c5fcf7da/content/0327f090-39fe-1c4f-b3d1-0015c5fcf7da_1192365140001,rw400/image.jpg . Very classical but so beautiful. This one embodies life and hapiness for me. I know he told that for this image he asked the boy to compose and took 3 shots but he could have taken it just like this.

Paris, RER Châtelet-les-Halles, 1979 – © Photo Willy Ronis – http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_tFwFVgFhdxk/S7M-XydipqI/AAAAAAAABEE/CWv9-0x44Yo/s400/Ronis.jpg
This one is so funny. I just love it.

For the sadness, and the social dimension here are 2 : http://le-transport-et-moi.wk-transport-logistique.fr/blogs/wp-content/uploads/image/willy%20ronis.jpg & http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_67BHDDKqaNg/RyUGddjO0NI/AAAAAAAAEps/xs7BojmEl-U/s400/Ronis4.jpg. I could put more and more there :-) )). But I really love those. Picturing hardness of life and the subjects being women makes me maybe feel even more concerned. The hooker beside the parking meter tells everything. And the woman selling papers at the crossing of lines with the cop behind… she’d better not move to much at that time :-) ).

And a last one…Summer holiday 1946 : http://www.hackelbury.co.uk/images/artists/ronis/summerholiday1946_bg.jpg

I should stop otherwise, it will never end HCB after that …

Image selected by Elisabeth Maurice.  Posted with permission.


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