What Will Happen Next?

Workmen’s Wisdom.© Knut Skjærven.

You may wonder what will happen next in the coach program. Here is the general idea.

Vision stated, mentor (s) found, and favourite images selected we all should have a pretty good idea of the style and content of the work in question. It was never the idea that the mentor’s work should in any way be copied. It serves only as a broad frame of reference. Let’s call this Mentor’s Universe (tag).

The main idea of Street Photographer’s Toolbox is to point to and practice useful tools for itching street photographs. Itching means striking. Itching images have that extra that makes them worth while looking at and even study. They should contain qualities that arrests you for one reason or other. Read more about Itching Images.

There are no itching elements in pure and plain street documentation. One has to distinguish between mere picturetaking and photography.  Not all that comes out of a camera is photography.

How this striking comes about is ultimately in the hands of the individual photographer. What you will experience in the coach programs is drilling sessions bases on practical research and experience had from well know photographers, as in the case of Elisabeth Maurice, Willy Ronies and later maybe Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Does this sound complicated? It is not. What you should expect to see during the drill process are images within a Mentors Universe and general inspiration, but enhancing that universe by utilizing the content of the toolbox.

Mentors Universe is the bass guitar playing, while you the photographer are the vocalist in the ensemble. With a voice of your own.

Should you/we during such a process expect to see images that could be even more striking than, or on the level of, those being shot by a mentor?  I think so.

If is worth remembering that famous photographers do not rely on single images for their reputation. They get their fame from lifelong investment and passion for street photography. And talent.

What is going to happen next is that drilling will begin.

Good luck with it.

NB! All are welcome to take part in this drilling. You don’t even have to tell anybody that you do.


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