Session 13: Visual Gigs

Incognito. © Knut Skjærven.

Session 13: Visual Gigs

Task Description: 

One of the meanings of the word gig is a device for catching small fish or frogs. It is e.g. used when fish are not biting.

That is just what we will be inspired of. There is nothing fishy about it.

Avisual gig, a photographic gig, or just a gig is a visual device meant to attract the attention of whoever is around. Just like the woman incognito caught my attention on a bus in Berlin.

It can happen anywhere.

It has to do with size so visual gigs will probably never be BIG photography. They serve their mission as smaller photographic teasers that strike you as being funny, itching or compelling.

When you are out there wandering the streets day out and day in, in stead of another cup of coffee, or something else fluid  later at night, take a gig in stead. They are all over and they are absolutely free to catch. But you need to have an eye for them.

Let me show you another gig. Here: The One Legged Lover (Facebook link so not all can open it).

Here is your task:

When you walk the earth you will recognize one or more visual gigs and you will shoot them. Gigs are normally of a humorous kind.

When you have done so and are satisfied with the result, load the image to your own site (I am sure you have one) and simply link to it from a comment you make to this session (session 13). If you are lucky, others will enjoy your picture and comment on it.

Suggestion:  The suggestion is that you memorize this visual concept so you are ready for it when it turns up.  It will. You have to be ready for it when it does.

Good luck with it.

© Knut Skjærven. All rights reserved (text and picture).

Copenhagen, September 4, 2012.


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