Stefanie LePape: My Choices

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Stefanie LePape  has written her vision, indicated her inspirational mentors and pointed to a couple of images as examples of photographs she really enjoys. She has stated this as comments to the initial post on vision, which you find here.

For navigational reasons I have pasted relevant parts of Elisabeth’s comments to this post.

My Vision:

With my life in between NYC and the southern part of it , also known as Florida, the dichotomy of life is ever present.
Witnessing in all reflective metaphors, the journey from vitality and endless energy from a city that never sleeps…to the retired state of winters fall, my vision would reflect the north and south of our human experience.
To hopefully incite a closer look into the face of another. To focus on shared experiences ( or bring attention to what is not) in a dignified manner.

My Mentors:

I am ignorant to the world of photographers. Two who do stand out as those I best relate to would be; Saul Leiter and Vivian Maier.
You mention that if I were to choose both of them I would have to include both in my vision. I find that would be a productive assignment. ( challenge)
The differences between Saul and Vivian in many ways reflect how I approach and hope to accomplish my vision. To meld those two perspectives would serve or rather round out my street vision. Without aiming to, I find myself leaning towards a less conventional approach to street. While I would not want to compromise how I see for acceptance in any field of photography, I am aware of the need for growth/discipline so as to be able to speak to a larger audience with regards to my vision. Vivian Maier included as a mentor would serve that goal.

My favorites:

Vivian Mair
For me this image I find a good example for emulation because it provides enough of an impression to invite us to formulate a story. It captures the weight of their time frame in life. I really like this image. It provides the basis for many stories. A NY moment. :) To isolate the focus in a reflective shot is not easy. Since this is a quest I am constantly aiming for…this image is a good reference for a clean shot.
There are so so many favorites I best stop here.

For Saul Leiter: brings this multiple exposure to life. although there are only hints of each person–each id has enough of an impression for us to see. so cool because u can catch the energy in this. the composition like a collage !!!


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