Kim Landgraf: Gig Gallery 03

© Kim Landgraf.

© Kim Landgraf.

Congratulation, Kim. Not much more to say here. This is, in my best opinion, a proper gig shot. Well executed.

Remember the definition that a gig shot is often entertaining. It does not have to be big photography, but it has to good photography. It is not only a question of finding a mirror either. You have to click the shot in the right moment also. As is done here.

Gig shots will normally be one of two basic types: 1) Those that use a bit of visual trickery, and 2) those that do not. I would define this shot as belonging to the first group and the reason is the use of the mirror.

If you want to re-read the description of a gig shot, you can to that here. The commission is here.

This post will be linked to The Gig Gallery.

As said, congratulations, Kim.  You are now a Gig Gallery member :-).

Have a good day.

December 7, 2012.


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