Kim Landgraf: Gig Gallery 04

© Kim Landgraf.

© Kim Landgraf.

Congratulation, Kim. This is, in my best opinion, a proper gig shot. I get the point, I hope.

I would have preferred that your point of similarity (open coats) had been a bit more clear. That could probably be done by lightning up the front figure a bit. But you make a good visual point, and that is what counts.

Remember the definition that a gig shot is often entertaining. It does not have to be big photography, but it has to good photography. This scene is well seen.

Gig shots will normally be one of two basic types: 1) Those that use a bit of visual trickery, and 2) those that do not. I would define this shot as belonging to the second group. There is no trickery involved here. Only good vision.

If you want to re-read the description of a gig shot, you can to that here. The commission is here.

This post will be linked to The Gig Gallery.

As said, congratulations, Kim.  You are now a Gig Gallery member :-) . For the second time today.

Have a good day.

December 7, 2012.


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