On Gestalt Factors

Couples © Knut Skjærven

Couples © Knut Skjærven

For those wanting to take a closer look, and read, on gestalt factors as an inspiration for making Itching Images, here are three links that might come in useful.

First of all there is the original paper written by Max Wertheimer in 1923. It is titled Laws of Organization in Perceptual Forms. I have it from a site developed by Christopher D. Green, Your University, Toronto, Ontario. I am sure that there are more versions posted to the internet, but this is what we need here.

A much briefer and popular version I have from about.com. Title Gestalt Laws of Perceptual Organisation. Maybe that is a more considerate place to start.

Or you can simple click the image above and let it take you wherever it leads too. The main point it that you get a feel for this incredible way of seeing.

It has all been prepared for you some ninety years ago. It is about time it was put to use for those dedicated to street photography. Works really well in other areas of visual communication too. The only thing you have to do is learn how to use it. That is what the The Workshop is all about. This post is a Workshop Special.

Good luck with it.

For more information, don’t hesitate a minute using the contact form below. Have a good day.

© Knut Skjærven. All rights reserved. Text and photo.

Copenhagen May 6, 2013.



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