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Itching Image: Plane Integration

Hat Hilarious © Knut Skjærven.

Time to more itching.

Here you see another way to make an itching image. Let’s call it plane integration. You integrate objects in different planes to make an amusing or entertaining or even comical effect. Like in Hat Hilarious.

Roughly is it about integrating  one visual object with another. Might even be more objects.

The first object is the store front store window with the many Borsalinos. Fedoras and caps shot in a old and celebrated  store in  Copenhagen, Denmark.

The other object being the man standing in front of the window.  Cap on.

In a sense there will always be a form or integration in pictures since integration also comes when objects are framed within borders.

Obviously plane integration demands a bit more than that. Plane integration means that two, or possible more objects, integrates from different planes in a picture and that there, on top of that, are some sort of visual identity in the objects concerned.

In Hat Hilarious the visual identities are particularly strong. There are three of them: a) the man carries a cap of the same type as those he sees in the window; b) his head is placed neatly in a row of caps; and c) the most obvious is that his head has the same form and shape and size as the models in the window.

These put together creates an itching image.


October 21, 2012

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